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About Us

Tian He is a Beijing based organization dedicated to promoting Chinese tea culture and in providing you with the finest and highly acclaimed Chinese teas and tea wares.

Our tea business is run by a group of proud Chinese tea lovers based in Beijing, Shanghai, the Wu Yi Mountain region of Fujian province, the Jiuhua Mountain region of Anhui province and Sydney, Australia.

Our first tearoom was opened in 2004 in Sydney, Australia under close support of our partnered tea plantations in the Fujian province and our local Beijing teahouse.

As a result we hold the certificates of origin in addition to the government-conducted test results for each and every tea from our tea collection. This enables access to the best and freshest teas available each year and especially allows us to rest easy knowing that our teas are safe for consumption.

Tian He offers definitive examples of China's greatest teas, grown in time honored gardens, skillfully hand-processed then vacuum-packed at source for unmatched freshness.

By building relationships with the world's finest tea farmers in China and Taiwan, Tian He sources not only the finest teas and herbal infusions, but also special, rare teas which are seldom seen outside their country of origin.

As a direct retail supplier, independent exporter, wholesaler and distributor, Tian He carries one of the largest selections of original fresh premium teas in China. These premium teas, including green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, flowering tea, floral tea, jasmine tea, Chinese herbs and special handmade teas are available in multiples grades with unique characteristics.

We act as agent for export of above mentioned products to any country around the world. In the past few years, we have built stable partnership with many tea farms and tea work shops in China which helps us to get the best teas at the lowest cost.

As a professional supplier, we always place much emphasis on quality control. Special quality control measures have been implemented in the whole process from materials selection to final delivery. Over the years, we have been supplying many traders and distributors throughout the world.

As a member of the International Tea Science & Culture institute, Tian He is dedicated to searching out the best tea, and to advancing the public's knowledge of tea and tea culture. Not only scheduled tea appreciation seminar held in our Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney tea rooms, Fantastic Chinese Tea Tours are also organized by Tian He Chinese Tea Promoting Organization.

We also help small business owners to start their tea business.