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2002 CNNP Big Tree Seng Beeng


Origine : Yunnan Province / Meng Hai Area
Tea Factory : CNNP
Type of puerh : Raw/Sheng
Year of production : 2002
Net weight : 357gr
Storage Recommendation : This tea can be store 15 more years easily

This is one puerh tea that traditional puerh tea lovers should have. The beeng cha is made of a mix of high quality pu erh tea leaves coming from old tea tree (400 years old) and younger tea trees. The level of compression is quite high, even after 8 years, and this is due to the high quality of the tea leaves. The tea liquor is quite thick and starts to get mellow. The tea offers a quite aromatic brew with flowery and woody tones but the tea taste is still very present to remind you that this is a pu erh tea made for long term storage.

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