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Random Mix Blooming Flowering Tea Wholesale 120 Blooms

Chinese Artistic Teas, which are also called Blooming Teas, Artificial Teas or Artistic Teas, are all made by hand with the most complicated technology.
It is a newly-innovated special green tea, which features unique appearance, lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavor and various health benefits such as delaying the ageing of cells, whitening the skin, improving immunity etc.
The tea is made of the highest grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herbal flowers. A delicate flower blooms inside this ball tea just before tiny flowers slowly cascade upward like champagne bubbles.
The flowers add their enlivening fragrance and strong taste to this delectably smooth green tea. One ball offers one of the most artful spectacles in tea. This blooming tea has the original shape of a tiny ball that when put in boiling water blooms into a bouquet of tea leaves and flower.
The aromas of both flowers and tea leaves are very well preserved and these exceptional teas develop a wonderful flavor and create at the same time a beautiful "table decoration".
Once dropped into a glass of hot water, this ball tea unveils a broad flower followed by the sudden eruption of a flower plume, which is actually flowers sewn together end to end.
The golden liquor yields a full-bodied flavor intensified by the large medicinal bloom. Let the blooming tea brew for at least 10 minutes, a longer brewing time will not spoil the tea, on the contrary, the flavor will improve. One ball of blooming tea can be used twice with approximately 5 to 6 dl water each time.
100% natural, no additives.

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