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Assortment Top Grade Mini Pu-erh Tea Cake in Gift Pack

Mini Pu-erh tea cakes are shaped of compressed black tea.
Pu-erh has long been considered to have health benefits, from lowering high cholesterol to aiding indigestion.
When brewed, our selected Pu-erh mini cake produces a dark red-orange soup with a moderately roasted aroma that has earthy undertones. When tasted, Tian He Tea Pu-Erh mini cake presents itself as mildly earthy with a smooth aftertaste. Like wine, the longer the aging, the better the tea.
Tian He Tea is now offering six year aged top grade mini pu-erh with 8 flavours, 5 cakes each.
They are all made by whole leaves, ideal for office and travel use. 6 grams each pieces. These mini cakes are perfect for traveling.
Use one cake each time, simply unwrap the tissue covering, place the cake in the chosen vessel, a large mug or small pot and enjoy its many infusions.
Boiling water at approximately 95-100 degree should be used for steeping. Use one miniature Pu-erh cake for every 1-1.5 cups (150-300ml) of water. Steep for about 2-3 minutes or until desired concentration is reached.
8 flavours, 40 cakes, 275g (9.7 oz) Net.

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