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20 Kinds of Blooming Jasmine Flower Green Tea

Chinese Blooming Tea (also called as Display Tea, Artisan Tea, Artistic Tea, Flowering Tea, Crafted Tea, Hand-Crafted Tea), is made of the highest grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herb flowers.
It is kind of newly-innovated special green tea featuring unique appearance, a splendid infusion presentation.
We have chosen the best quality blooming tea, not only with the best tea leaves and natural herbs, but also with the most complete and delicate flowers after blooming in the water.
Besides delighting your eyes and your taste buds, the artisan tea products have various health benefits such as delaying aging, improving immunity etc. It has become a new generation and a rising star in the traditional Chinese tea industry.
100% handmade. No additives.
Ingredients: Jasmine Scented Green Tea and natural herb flowers such as lily, jasmine flower, Gomphrena Globosa, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Rose Bud etc.
Quantity: 20 Pcs Variety: 20 different kinds, each one with perfect blooming view, high quality is guaranteed.
***Tips: When you are done with your tea, take out the bloom carefully from the teapot, place it in a glass container with cold water to display and enjoy your bloom for a few more days!
Fresh Green / White base tea from the 2017 harvest. Nonpareil Quality.

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